Gender Pay Gap Report 2017...

The Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2017 require relevant organisations to report statistics relating to the staff employed each year

The result of the analysis of this data for our organisation is as follows:

Median Pay Gap 18% UK National Median Gender Pay Gap 18.2%
Mean Pay Gap 20.2%
Median Bonus Gap -2% Females higher than Male Workers
Mean Bonus Gap 17% Males higher than Female Workers
Pay Distribution 945 qualifying Team Members
Upper Quartile
Male 52.9%
Female 47.1%
Upper Middle Quartile
Male 30.5%
Female 69.5%
Lower Middle Quartile
Male 16.9%
Female 83.1%
Lower Quartile
Male 21.2%
Female 78.8%

Company Commitment

The biggest Gender Pay Gap is as a result of fewer females in senior posts. The Company is committed to addressing this through the following actions:

Examine and reduce barriers for flexible working.

Encouraging returners to the industry.

Fully implement a structured scoring system and skill-based tests within the recruitment process.

The Board of Dine Contract Catering will continue to regularly monitor the Gender Pay Gap Data and ensure that the agreed actions are fully integrated into the business.