Dine Contract Catering has received Scotland’s healthyliving award for an impressive fifth time for its efforts to encourage healthy eating at Daiwa Sports, one of its Lanarkshire sites.

Recognising the role that caterers play in influencing the eating habits of those they serve by offering healthier yet equally tasty alternatives, the award is the Government’s flagship Scotland-only catering scheme and is supported by both the Scottish Government and NHS Health Scotland. 

“We’re always looking for ways to promote healthy lifestyles both in and out of work and are proud to receive an award that recognises this,” said David Beattie, Dine Contract Catering’s on-site Catering Manager

“Our aim to make it as easy as possible for diners to eat healthily influences everything we do as a company, from our heart grading system – which makes it easy to spot healthy choices – to re-working our recipes to make them lower in sugar, fat, salt and calories.”

Anne Lee, Manager of the healthyliving award said: “It’s wonderful to have a company like Dine Contract Catering playing its part in encouraging healthy eating within work place restaurants.  Being a five times award holder reflects a real commitment both to the award, and to staff and customers.  We’re delighted to have them on board and wish them continued success with the award.”

Recipients of the Award, which was launched in 2006, are able to display the healthyliving logo and certificate, which guarantees that customers can easily eat healthily when visiting their venue.


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