As a responsible caterer, we believe that the long-term future of our company is best served by respecting the interests of all our stakeholders, team members, customers, suppliers and the wider community.

We look actively for opportunities to improve the environment and to contribute to the wellbeing of the communities with which we trade. Our CSR policies set out the principles we follow and the programmes we have developed to focus on the areas where we have significant impact or influence.

Programmes include activities linked to the Environment, our Relationships with Suppliers and Communities, and our Team Members.

We regularly evaluate the environmental impact of our activities, products and services and take action to continually improve our environmental performance by implementing an Environmental Management System that meets the requirements of ISO 14001

This approach has already delivered a reduction of 2.5% in chemical usage and cardboard recycling means more than 203,000 boxes no longer going to landfill. We conduct our business relationships with integrity and courtesy, and honour our trading commitments. Our aim is to build long-term relationships with our suppliers and provide support for small, local, specialist producers.

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