Gender Pay Gap Report 2018...

The Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2017 require relevant organisations to report statistics relating to the staff employed each year

The result of the 2018/2019 analysis of this data for our organisation is as follows:

Median Pay Gap 19.9%
Mean Pay Gap 21.7%
Median Bonus Gap 45%
Mean Bonus Gap 6%
Pay Distribution 916 qualifying Team Members
Upper Quartile
Male 55.5%
Female 44.5%
Upper Middle Quartile
Male 25.8%
Female 74.2%
Lower Middle Quartile
Male 5.2%
Female 94.8%
Lower Quartile
Male 22.3%
Female 77.7%

Company Commitment

During the last 12 months Dine Contract Catering has addressed the Gender Pay Gap at all levels of the organisation. This has resulted in a closing of the Gender Pay Gap in some quartiles.

The Company continues to work towards closing this further and a structured Job Evaluation Scheme will further support this.

The Board of Dine Contract Catering continues to regularly monitor the Gender Pay Gap Data and ensure positive actions are implemented and fully integrated into the business.