The Board of Directors and members of the Senior Management Team at Dine Contract Catering have cycled from Edinburgh to Dublin, raising over £10,000 for the Duke of Edinburgh awards.

The Duke of Edinburgh award is a leading youth charity, dedicated to supporting young people between 14 and 24 years old – many of whom are from disadvantaged background – to develop both life and work skills and help them fulfil their full potential. Dine Contract Catering is along-time supporter of the charity and its work to provide opportunities to young people.

Ian Cartwright, Managing Director of the leading independent operator that is becoming a growing force, set off from Edinburgh along with colleagues’ including the rest of the Board and Senior Management Team (a total of 19), on the 3rd June.

From there the team cycled 80 miles to Troon, in the West, on the first day, followed by a ferry journey to Larne. The second day saw the 19 undertake another 78 miles to Newry, and finally a third day of 74 miles of cycling took the group from Dine Contract Catering to Dublin, completing the 232 mile journey and earning them a well-deserved rest.

Speaking on behalf of Dine Contract Catering, Cartwright said: “We are firm believers that young people today have a huge amount to offer our industry and they simply need support and guidance to fulfil that potential."

“As a company we are 100% committed to raising the profile of the catering sector to young people, and in doing our bit to help them find the training they need and the fulfilling careers they deserve; working with the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme is a major part of this."

“We are obviously hugely proud of the team who took part in our Edinburgh-Dublin bike ride, raising such a great amount of money for a charity so close to our business. It was a pretty tough three days, and we are all a bit sore after it, but we know the money will make a real impact and that makes it all worth it.”

As well as supporting the Duke of Edinburgh awards through fundraising activities, Dine Contract Catering also runs an apprenticeship scheme on which all young people are required to achieve Bronze. To attain bronze level young people must do a minimum of 3 months’ activity for each of the three main sections - volunteering, physical and skills - and plan, train for and do a 2 day (1 night) expedition.