In an interesting development for the contract catering industry, journalist and author Miles Quest has teamed up with Jim Cartwright, Chairman of Dine Contract Catering, and together are planning to publish a book that looks back at the history of contract catering.

The book will follow the industry’s evolution across a hundred year period - right through to the highly sophisticated model of today. It aims to be an historic benchmark and form part of a broader campaign to increase the focus on careers in contract catering. Both authors remain passionate that the heritage, currently within the industry, is captured and referenced for future generations.

They are appealing to anyone with any information, anecdotes or historical references on contract catering to get in touch.

Cartwright says:

“We want this to be a book ABOUT the industry FOR the industry and it’s all about helping us grow careers and interest in contract catering,” he says.

“The industry has seen incredible progression from its early days to what has become a highly valued, respected service that turns over some £4bn billion each year, employs over 100,000 individuals and spans every industry sector including Business and Industry, leisure, healthcare, education and care homes.”

“Contract catering remains a dynamic and inspirational career for youngsters of today and the book aims to encourage, support and motivate those who are passionate about developing their future”.

Cartwright, who is seen by many as the individual who has been at the forefront of developments in the industry maintains that today’s contract catering model bears little resemblance to where it was even a decade ago. His own business, Dine Contract Catering, which he founded with son Ian Cartwright, is highly innovative in its approach – remaining at the sharp end of health and wellness in the workplace and driving new initiatives that set it apart from the industry in a constant drive for evolution and advancement.

Publishing details of the new book will be announced in due course.

Anyone who would like to submit information, anecdotes, memories or legacy memorabilia to the book will be welcomed. They should contact Miles Quest –