Dine Contract Catering has launched a range of reduced sugar desserts, as it continues to drive the healthy eating agenda for the Catering Industry.

Developed within days of the Health Select Committee releasing its Report on childhood obesity[1]  – which calls for the reformulation of food and drink to reduce sugar content – the tempting range of desserts and snacks contain approximately 30 per cent less sugar, fat and calories than the caterer’s traditional recipes.  This has been achieved by using a combination of the sugar alternative Xylitol and starchy fruits and vegetables.

A naturally occurring sugar alcohol found in many fruits and vegetables, Xylitol has a reduced impact on blood sugar due to its low glycaemic index (GI) levels.  As foods with a lower GI help keep blood sugar levels steady, this in turn staves off hunger for longer and maintains energy levels after eating, plus boosts fat burning capacity.

The newly reformulated desserts include Skinny Chocolate Muffins, Brain Boosting Carrot and Coconut Slices and Sweet Potato Brownies.

“We serve over 35,000 people every day across 190 workplaces and care homes across the country, which is why we’ve recognised the responsibility we have to help drive changes in the nation’s eating habits,” said Dine Contract Catering Nutritionist Roz Witney.

“If the Food Industry as a whole doesn’t find a way to reduce the sugar in the foods we buy and produce, the general population hasn’t a hope of coming anywhere near the ‘free sugar’ limits of approximately seven teaspoons per day as recommended by the Report.

“Our desserts have been created to appeal to as many tastes as possible and to bridge the gap between traditional treats that are typically high in sugar and the healthy alternatives currently on the market, which can sometimes lack in flavour.” 


[1] ‘Childhood Obesity – Brave and Bold Action’, 30 November 2015