Taking food further

Our food philosophy

We treat food as more than just fuel for the body, but as a way to promote joy, connection and wellness in your workspace.

Our people are the not-so-secret ingredient of our service-obsessive reputation. Our style is personable, unstuffy yet unquestionably attentive. We build lasting relationships with our customers, sharing recipes, feedback and ideas to continually raise the bar. Come to think of it, we might just be the most collaborative food force in the industry...

Environmental Impact

Mindful menus

We believe it's our responsibility to make a positive impact on the environment and the communities that exist around us.

That's why you'll only find local, seasonal and sustainable ingredients on our menus.

We pour our heart and soul into every dish we create, but also, our principles.

Making An Impact

Speed. Convenience. Simplicity.

Frictionless customer experience

Technology is rapidly transforming the food-at-work experience: and we're here for it. We've embraced technology as a means to enhance the customer experience, giving you more time, flexibility and freedom to enjoy those hard-earned breaks.

Talk to us about pre-order apps, click-and-collect, self-service tills powered by AI and frictionless micromarkets if you're ready to challenge convention.

In our tech locker:

  • Pre-order and Click & Collect Apps
  • Self-Service Payment
  • AI scanning tills
  • Smart Fridges & Vending

Our services

Cooking up a storm

One size never fits all.

Are you looking for flexibility? Variety? Convenience? All of the above?

No matter how big, ambitious or leftfield your ideas are, we'll always find a way to customise the Dine Contract Catering experience to complement your workspace.

Our services include:

Cafes & Coffee Shops

Cafes & Coffee Shops

Workplace Restaurants

Workplace Restaurants

Vending & Micromarkets

Vending & Micromarkets

Hospitality & Executive Dining

Hospitality & Executive Dining

Mobile Dining Experiences

Mobile Dining



You'll find our Chef Brigade grilling, roasting,baking, poaching, pickling (you get the idea) in organisations across the U.K. Business & Industry sector.

Our goal

To make your employees smile!

Your feedback plays a vital role in how we maintain our reputation for delivering extraordinary customer service. Our listening tools help to capture the mood of your workforce; harnessing their invaluable insight to fine-tune your food offer.

We removed the friction from providing feedback by promoting accessible, intuitive outlets for our diners to let us know what's on their minds, and most importantly, what they can't wait to see on their plates.

A sprinkling of our listening tools

Did we make you smile?

Our real-time digital customer feedback system. Simple, quick and impactful.

Focus groups

Join us at the Chef's Table to share your thoughts directly with the culinary team (over a glass and some delectable nibbles).

Pulse surveys

Detailed periodic surveys carried out by our senior culinary team

See, Care, Share

At the heart of our safety performance are three safety behaviours that encourage our teams to:

  • Speak out about safety
  • Act mindfully about the jobs that they do
  • Work in harmony with our client's HSE culture

HSE & Compliance

Peace of mind

Your safety and satisfaction are our top priorities. Our team of Registered Nutritionists (RNutr) and health and safety experts work tirelessly to provide detailed information for customers with allergies, dietary restrictions and food preferences. Natasha's law? Nutritional and calorie labelling? Naturally. We run a tight ship.

Underpinning our See, Care, Share  approach is a comprehensive Workplace Safety Management System, which forms the foundations of our ISO 45001 accreditation. Translation: you're in good hands.