Big Flavour, Small Footprint

The not-so-secret ingredient to our approach is our unshakeable obsession with food.

Our Chefs play with the finest ingredients this country has to offer. We've dedicated almost 20 years to building a network of sustainable partnerships with local farmers, producers, and suppliers whilst enriching the communities they exist within.



Great food is the unsung hero in business and industry. It has the power to transform the way we think, impact the way we feel and influence the way we connect with others. Deep down, we're a team of Chefs who want to share our love of the culinary arts with the UK workforce. It's why we do what we do.

We aim to empower you with valuable insights, tips and resources that promote a holistic sense of well-being. From nutritious choices to mental wellness, our goal is to be a source of inspiration for a healthier lifestyle and our culinary identity reflects this.



Flavour comes from working with fresh, responsibly sourced ingredients, picked seasonally and prepared with skill.

Our close relationship with local farmers enriches the communities in which they operate whilst supporting our sustainable, planet-friendly menus.

Now more than ever, it's important to dine with a clear conscience.




Beyond the Kitchen, we promise to operate in a way that contributes to sustaining the environment and our communities.

By 2030, we will be a Net Zero business. Until then, we will work tirelessly to reduce our carbon footprint.

Mindful Menus

Mindful menus

We believe it's our responsibility to make a positive impact on the environment and the communities that exist around us. That's why you'll only find local, seasonal and sustainable ingredients on our menus. We pour our heart and soul into every dish we create, but also, our principles.

Making An Impact

Our Goal : To make your employees smile!

Your feedback plays a vital role in how we maintain our reputation for delivering extraordinary customer service. Our listening tools help to capture the mood of your workforce; harnessing their invaluable insight to fine-tune your food offer.

We removed the friction from providing feedback by promoting accessible, intuitive outlets for our diners to let us know what's on their minds, and most importantly, what they can't wait to see on their plates.

Our Goal: To make your employees smile!

See, Care, Share

At the heart of our safety performance are three safety behaviours that encourage our teams to:

  • Speak out about safety
  • Act mindfully about the jobs that they do
  • Work in harmony with our client's HSE culture

Keeping you Safe

Peace of mind - Important to Compass

Your safety is our top priority. Our team of registered nutritionists (RNutr) and health and safety experts work tirelessly to provide detailed information for customers with allergies, dietary restrictions, and food preferences. Furthermore, we work in harmony with each client's health and safety culture.

Underpinning our See, Care, Share  approach is a comprehensive Workplace Safety Management System, which forms the foundations of our ISO 45001 accreditation. Translation: you're in good hands.